Announcing the Class of 2023 Operetta—Freaky Friday
Lisa Ehrlich-Menard, Performing Arts Teacher
Last week the 8th grade class introduced our selection for the Morton Reisman Operetta during Likrat Shabbat to a cheering crowd of students and families. Now, we proudly present a behind-the-scenes peek into Freaky Friday, the musical
This year, we move out of the realm of fantasy and into the very real world of family relationships and what it means to be a teenager. There is awkwardness, assumptions, conflicts and triumphs—everything you'd find in the typical day of a teen.
Students have been working on everything from singing and dancing to marketing and set design. Every aspect of this production has been led by the 8th grade class, pushing them to take on responsibilities and redefine what they think they can do.

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