7th Graders Demonstrate the Jewish Value of Darchei Shalom
Kate Gorsky, 7th Grade Teacher
The 7th grade team, both students and teachers, have been working to both settle into this important academic year and develop a safe and motivating learning environment. To that end, our Gibushium have been participating in team-building activities ranging from a hula hoop and rock-paper-scissors relay to working together to establish gradewide norms.
Last week, seventh graders worked together to build the sukkah on a beautiful early October day. We know that all of this work, even when it may not feel like typical school work, is crucial to illuminating our team value of Darchei Shalom, or paths to peace. To teach our students diligently, helping them balance all that goes along with being a Middle School student at Bernard Zell is important and ultimately supports academic success.  

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