5th Graders Become Passionate Advocates and Deep Thinkers in Humanities
Jenny Einberger, 5th Grade Humanities Teacher
Fifth graders have been very engaged in their argument and advocacy unit. Students are diving into big questions, researching all sides of the argument and figuring out where they stand. We're holding passionate debates in class in order to figure out where their arguments' weak points lie, so they can research more on those subtopics to bolster their talking points. The 5th graders have also learned the important skill of suspending judgment in order to do their best research and to look at all perspectives on the issues at hand. 
Some groups are thinking about whether or not plastic bags should be banned and others are asking if we should boycott zoos. We also have groups looking into whether or not extreme sports are worth the risk and even more are wondering if schools should continue to serve chocolate milk! 
Our 5th graders are not only holding debates within their groups but also writing letters to people and organizations sharing their side of the issue and asking for support and potential change. Students are crafting thesis statements and using evidence to support their claims and reasoning. Students are writing to Jewel Osco about their use of plastic bags, and others, who are researching zoos, are writing to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Our 5th graders have become passionate advocates and deep thinkers on these issues and it's been an exciting time to be a member of the Class of 2026!

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