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Abby Spalding, Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications
The culmination of the Bernard Zell education is our Tiyul, when 8th-graders take a 10 day special journey to Israel, where their years of learning come together in a life-changing experience they'll never forget. Check out our last blog post from Israel from student Olivia R. and visit the Tiyul blog here to learn more about their adventures in Israel!
As I write this, I am sitting on the bus ride from our hotel in Jerusalem to the airport in Tel Aviv. I look around and see people I have been with since Nursery. Eleven years of my life I have spent with some of these people. Some I have known since I was a newborn. This trip was life changing. Every single memory makes me smile, laugh, cry and appreciate this experience. Not only is our Tiyul coming to an end, but in a little over a month we will all go our separate ways to high school. Our 8th grade Tiyul not only brought our class community closer together, but it showed us how strong our relationships already were. Our journey in Israel solidified that we will be there for each other in high school and beyond. Going into this trip I remember being most excited for things like the Dead Sea, shopping in Tel Aviv, and riding donkeys. Although all of those things were fun and very memorable, for me, the most memorable moments were the little ones. For example, on the bus rides as we all sang at the top of are lungs in Hebrew together, or when we would all talk in the hallways before we had to go to bed. Everything about this trip was so special. I wish it could last for longer, but I am so looking forward to getting home to BZ and telling the seventh graders how lucky they are to have their Tiyul to look forward to next year.

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