To Enjoy the People in Our Lives, We Need to Work at Being Good Friends
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Andrea Raskin, Senior Kindergarten Teacher
The Jewish value that SK focuses on is חברות (Chaverut), friendship. This is a perfect theme for our students as they are regularly asked if they are being "helpful and kind." We want to enjoy the people in our lives so we need to work at being good friends. This is both a life skill and a Jewish value. Students explored what it means to be a friend, why it’s important to be a good friend and how we want our friends to treat us. 
“A good friend is nice and listens to what the other friend likes to play, not just your own game every day.”
— Ellie
“What I like about my friends is that they are nice to me and always want to play with me and also they help me very much and I can’t play without them.”
— Sam F.
SK students role-played different scenarios on how to be a kind friend and even created their own model of what a חבר (chaver), friend, should be from head to toe. 
“Their hands should be for helping and picking someone up.”
— Walker
“Ears are for listening to what your friend says to you.”
— Dahlia
“The brain is for thinking about a friend and taking care of them.”
— Max
While we will continue to focus on being a kind friend, the SK students have already taken our lessons to heart and reported on their success!
“I like making friends happy and just made someone laugh.”
— Boaz
“My friend was just nice because when I got hurt, she helped me and helped me up and got the teacher.”
— Arielle
Keep an eye out for special SK students on a mission to be a good friend!



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