Shalom V’ L’hitraot Shinshinim!
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Rachel Jury, Director of Jewish Studies


Please join us in saying todah and goodbye to our wonderful Shinshinim, Nir, Ido, Nitzan and Roman, whose last day at school will be Tuesday, May 31. These four wonderful Israelis left their families and homes to spend the year with us. We are so thankful for all their contributions this year, as they aided in enriching the BZ experience for our students in contemporary Israeli culture, holidays, and Hebrew language. Their beaming smiles and unmatched ruach (spirit), will be greatly missed!
Hosted by our Shinshinim, our students and BZ Community have been celebrating them all-week long with delicious, fun and outdoor water activities. Don’t forget to show your appreciation by asking your child(ren) to write personal notes. There is a box for each Shinshin by Ms. Houston’s desk.   
After wrapping up their time here at Bernard Zell, they will move to Jewish overnight camp. At the end of summer, the Shinshinim will return home to Israel to begin their service in the Israeli army (IDF). Before they leave us, we want to wish them Leich L’shalom -תלכו לשלום ותחזרו בשלום - go in peace and come back in peace and bring peace to the land.  

Our Shinshinim would love to stay in touch with the BZ community so feel free to reach out to them at the contact information below! 
Here is what lies ahead for our Shinshinim mishpacha:
Nitzan Ornan
Summer: Camp Young Judaea 
IDF: Tactical Communication Operations - Air Force
  • Cell: +972544588744
  • Instagram: nitzan_ornan
  • Address: Savion 11, Nir Hen
Nir Horev
Summer: Camp Young Judaea 
IDF: Flight Simulator Instructor - Air Force
  • Cell: +972544544897
  • Instagram: nir_horev
  • Address: Habanim 43, Herzliya
Ido Megidish 
Summer: Camp Beber
IDF: Operator of Airborne Electronic Intelligence Systems -Air Force
  • Cell: +972548084747
  • Instagram: Ido.meg
  • Address: Habanim 5 - 14 , Kiryat Gat
Roman Usim
Summer: Camp OSRUI
IDF: Spokesman Unit 
  • Cell: +972 529543270
  • Instagram: Roman_Usim
  • Address: Rosh Pina 4, Holon
We want to take this opportunity to thank all of the families that hosted our Shinshinim in their home this year. 
The Goodman family: Jenny, Jimmy, Ella and Liv.
The Tollinche family: Nahva, Felix, Joel, Pearl and Tiny.
The Sager family: Sarah, Nat, Boaz, Maxi and Sivan.
The Vays family: Inna, Peter, Leah, Avriel and Daliah.
The Handelman family: Jacob, Maxine, Yael and Ariana  
We sincerely appreciate your kindness and generosity.  
Shinshin is an acronym for sh’nat she’rut, (a year of service). This group of Israelis graduated high school and delayed their army service in order to serve as volunteer educators in the Bernard Zell community this year. They were motivated, dedicated and energetic individuals representing the best of their generation in Israel. Throughout the academic year, they took on active roles in the school and facilitated fun and engaging activities related to contemporary Israeli culture, holidays, and Hebrew language. They each became a member of students, faculty and families. They are now and forever a part of our BZ Mishpacha.  

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