JK105 Shines Their Light on Their Very Own Hanukkiot!
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Sheila Schraber, JK 105 Teacher
The Junior Kindergarten classes have spent the past couple of weeks learning about the brave Maccabees and the small amount of oil which lasted for eight days. We also spoke about how each of us has a light inside and together we can shine bright (all the good in us) just like a hanukkiah.  
This week we have been working hard to make our very own hanukkiot. Each child began by sketching out what they wanted their hanukkiah to look like. Their ideas ranged from trees to rainbows to race cars to creative designs. Once they had their sketch made, they were invited to choose from various tiles and hardware materials to create a hanukkiah of their own for their home with the intention to be used on Hanukkah for years to come. 
The children began their construction by focusing on a sturdy base using different-sized tiles. They reflected on the symbolic features that represent a hanukkiah and utilized their math skills to count out candle placement while creating their own personalized Judaica. Throughout the process, they picked materials to add more detail to individualize their hanukkiah. Children worked during the course of the week to create beautiful and impressive hanukkiyot and they look forward to using them at the end of their Hanukkah celebrations. This encourages some of the youngest learners to still have an active role in the holiday’s most significant ritual,candle lighting. We hope that this beautiful Hanukkiah your child created will bring lots of light and joy into your home. 

Be Informed: August 9, 2022


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