Rena Grosser, Early Childhood Jewish Studies Teacher
Each morning, the students and I pause and reflect on how we welcome the special Modeh Ani prayer to show gratitude and to wake up our bodies. We first find our calm and focus to be present in the prayer with a Modeh Ani meditation.
This is an example of how the classroom teachers and I model mindfulness strategies on a daily basis. Mindfulness, especially through prayer, encourages the development of self regulation and coping skills amongst young children. Self-awareness and reflection after we recite prayers helps us to better understand how our thoughts and emotions can be supported with these kinds of rituals.
By learning effective emotional management strategies and meditative prayers, children can self-regulate and achieve a state of calm at any moment and can always refer to these prayers when they need them. Reciting the Modeh Ani prayer daily, also offers opportunities to reflect on the things and people in our daily lives we are truly grateful for.
Check out this video of some JK students joining Mr. Todd and I model how we meditate and sing the Modeh Ani prayer each day. I hope you will find time with your family to practice this ritual this Shabbat and have your child be the leader!

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