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Rebecca Bloom, Admissions & Marketing Associate

Be Renewed Social Media Challenge

We are excited to be launching our Be Renewed social media challenge leading into Rosh Hashanah and our 75th school year. Help us spread joy and excitement and to celebrate Bernard Zell this momentous year, and inspire your BZ family and friends to do the same.
Use the script below to help guide your Facebook and/or Instagram post (this can be a photo with text or a video). Don't forget to put on your BZ spirit gear! 
  1. Since you’re helping to start the challenge, please say in your video or type in your post: "Thank you Eddie the Eagle for nominating me for Bernard Zell’s Be Renewed Challenge." All subsequent participants will thank the individual who nominated them.
  2. "To ensure our community thrives in our 75th year, I will ________." [Post about how you’ll volunteer, educate our children, make a donation, be an ambassador, share stories of student success, etc.]
  3. "I would be thrilled to nominate [mention and tag 3 of your BZ friends]. You’re up next!"
  4. Post your photo or video with #BeRenewed, #BZat75 or #BeZell, and don't forget to tag us: @bernardzell
Click here for an example of a video post if you need ideas! Shanah Tovah!



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