A Message from Abby Aloni, Head of Early Childhood: January 26
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Abby Aloni, Head of Early Childhood
Dear EC Parents, 
Did you realize that having young children help with things that they love helps them love helping? This is something we, as early childhood educators, know for certain and work on with our students on a daily basis. 
I recently read a post from parent coach Brookelynne Dukes and she shared a lot of great insights. For example, not all help is helpful so by listening to our children and guiding them through "helping", we teach them what kind of help feels good to others and what kind of help does not. We also want to follow our kids cues and support them in finding jobs they do connect with and want to do!
She suggests the following:

Jobs for kids that like to come on errands:

• Entering your phone number in the checkout line if you have a rewards card
• Taking the receipt after checking out
• Putting your items on the conveyor belt
• Carrying grocery bags/shopping bags into your home
• Swiping your credit card or tapping with Apple Pay
• Picking out flowers for Shabbat

Jobs for kids that like to press buttons:

• Starting the coffee machine
• Starting the dishwasher
• Changing batteries
• Preheating the oven
• Starting the washer or dryer
• Swiping your credit card or tapping with Apple Pay
• Pressing the buttons on an elevator

Jobs for kids who like to sort:

• Putting clothes in the hamper
• Tidying the playroom
• Putting away the groceries
• Setting the table
• Putting away laundry

Jobs for kids who like to keep their hands clean:

• Seasoning vegetables with pre-measured seasonings
• Stirring sauces
• Folding laundry/putting away laundry
• Sweeping using a sweeping brush and dustpan
• Removing warm clothes from the dryer
• Mopping

Jobs for kids that like/need heavy work:

• Vacuuming
• Moving furniture to clean behind
• Carrying things like a laundry basket with an appropriate amount of laundry in it
• Taking out the garbage
• Raking leaves or shoveling snow (you can get a child-sized rake or shovel)
If you don't already, we suggest giving some of these things a try! Not only will your child feel competent and have a sense of agency, but you might also take some things off your to-do list!
With warm regards and great appreciation for your partnership,
Abby Aloni
Head of Early Childhood



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