What Would a Starry Night Look Like From One of Jupiter's Moons?
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Gili Sherman, MS Art Teacher
A brain-challenge was recently posed to our 7th-grade students in art class:
"What if Vincent van Gogh was living today and painted Starry Night from someplace other than Saint-Remy in Southern France? What if he came back in the future and could paint a Starry Night from another planet in our solar system? What would a Starry Night look like from one of Jupiter's moons? Or from deep space, like the images taken by the Hubble Telescope that we researched?"
Asking these questions challenged students to expand their perspective and imagination. We hope you enjoy these stunning, out-of-this-world 12 x 12 inch oil pastel student works!

A. Rubenfeld

D. Leff

D. Meadows

D. Guttman

E. Vallenilla 

I. Sager

J. Reznick

K. Cromelow

L. Rosenberg

L. Vays

L. Mann

L. Custer

L. Hayes

M. Leavitt

N. Axelrod

​​​​​​​N. Katz

N. Cohen

​​​​​​​R. Feinstein

S. Solow

​​​​​​​S. Zinder

T. Blaustein

​​​​​​​Z. Kirsch

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