It's Finally Here! Spring Athletics Begin Monday

It's Finally Here! Spring Athletics Begin Monday
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Kyle Sheahan, Director of Athletics
It is with great pleasure and excitement that I write to you regarding the reinstating of our beloved Athletics program here at Bernard Zell. It seems like years ago that our inaugural fifth grade basketball season came to an abrupt end last March. And since that very moment, I have eagerly awaited and anticipated this letter. 
While there are of course many details to fill you in on, I wanted you to be the first to know that now that we're back from Passover break, we will begin programming for in-person athletics for our Middle School students.
While we will not be having traditional seasons or competitions against other schools, we feel the rich experience provided by our coaching staff, coupled with the opportunity to rejoin classmates on the playing field will provide the same quality and rigorous program you’ve grown accustomed to, in addition to benefiting everyone involved. 


“Seasons” will be anywhere from two to four weeks, certainly much shorter than a typical year, which will allow student-athletes to experience many of the sports Bernard Zell typically offers. Please take a look at this calendar overview to see how seasons will work and/or this season overview which lays out individual sports. 

Practices and Commitment:

Practices will be held three times per week for each sport/season, ranging from before school (7:00 - 7:45 a.m.) to after school (3:45 - 5:00 p.m.). The complete practice schedule with dates will be shared via BZConnect from Coach Sheahan. We hope and expect that for a student-athlete to commit to a season, he or she will consistently be able to attend at least two of those three weekly practices. Student-athletes may join as many seasons as they’d like.

What You Should Do Now: 

In order to participate in athletics, a current student physical must be on file with the school nurse (as per usual). Please be sure that your son or daughter's physical expires after June 7, 2021 if they plan on participating through the end of this school year. All other forms (concussion, waiver, participation form) can be taken care of once the season gets closer. 

Athletics By Grade:

5th Grade: Student Athlete Orientation | Wednesday, April 28
Track & Field: May 3 - May 28

In a typical year we would welcome our 5th graders to Bernard Zell Athletics by inviting them to join our track and field program in the spring. We still are going to honor this, giving 5th grade students a chance to join track the first week of May, following a few weeks of our older students getting re-acclimated to the program. We sincerely hope that 5th graders will join this season, as it gives them an in-depth experience of what to expect in the next few years as every sport becomes available to them in 6th grade. 

6th and 7th Grade: Student Athlete Orientation | Wednesday, April 7
Boys Track and Girls' Softball and Track: April 12 - April 30
Boys and Girls' Volleyball: May 3 - May 14
Boys and Girls' Soccer: May 17 - May 28
TBD: May 31 - June 4

These two grades will be the first to get going. Following orientation on April 7, the 6th and 7th grade softball and track/field seasons will begin, with their first practices on Monday, April 12. The primary focus will be getting the 6th graders acclimated to the program, in addition to the basic fundamentals skills in each program, with game-play and scrimmages taking focus during the 

8th Grade: Student-Athlete Orientation | Wednesday, April 28
Boys Soccer and Track and Girls' Softball and Track: May 3 - May 14
Boys and Girls' Volleyball: May 17 - May 28
TBD: May 31 - June 4

Upon their return from Tiyul, the 8th graders will have their opportunity to join in athletics. Softball, Soccer, Track, and Volleyball will all be offered to our 8th graders, all in two-week sessions. The primary focus of these two weeks will be to refine skills and participate in scrimmages and tournament-style play (intramurals). Our hope is to also offer some faculty/staff versus 8th graders competitions during the final week of school.
Spring 2021 Calendar Overview
Spring 2021 Season Overview
Season Schedule: 
Track and Field (Co-ed)
6th and 7th grade: April 12 - April 30
5th and 8th Grade: May 3 - May 28
Softball (Girls')
6th and 7th grade: April 12 - April 30
8th grade: May 3 - May 14
Volleyball (Boys)
6th and 7th grade: May 3 - May 14
8th grade: May 17 - May 28
Volleyball (Girls')
6th and 7th grade: May 3 - May 14
8th grade: May 17- May 28
Soccer (Co-ed)
6th and 7th grade: May 17- May 28
8th grade: May 3 - May 14
Volleyball and soccer become options in May, in addition to welcoming 5th-grade students to the program on May 3 and 8th-grade students upon their return from Tiyul. All students will have an opportunity to play every sport between now and the end of the year (besides basketball).



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