Seventh Graders Showcase Their Impressive Hebrew Skills
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Yair Bernstein, 7th-Grade Teacher

Our 7th-grade students recently engaged in free form, one-on-one conversations spoken strictly in Hebrew. This is one of the more challenging and advanced levels of learning a second language and our students were יוצא מן הכלל (outstanding)! 

To avoid familiarity, Mr. Bernstein did not provide any text or scripts to the students beforehand—just conversation. He also did not let his students know who they would be paired up with or which situation he would ask them to enact. They did know which words they were expected to know, which question words they should use and which phrases would help them ensure a conversation lasts.

They have been preparing for this Hebrew milestone since the beginning of the year. Kol hakavod, 7th graders!

Click here to listen to a conversation between Noa and Ella, who are in a coffee shop, speaking Hebrew! Below are some examples of the many phrases, words and questions 7th graders mastered during their free form conversations in Hebrew:





No way!

מה פתאום!

Of course! For sure!


סטודנטית - student (f)
חייל - soldier
קפה הפוך - Latte
מפקדת - commander
ישראלי - Israel
לנסוע - to travel
עבודה - job
עובד - worker/employee/working
שעה - hour
מנהלת - manager/boss
מסעדה - restaurant

נעים וטעים - nice and tasty 
לעשות ספורט - to work out
מאיפה אתה - Where are you from? 
בת כמה את - How old are you?

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