Senior Kindergarten Explores Musical Instruments
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Charki Dunn, Music Teacher

At the beginning of the term, all Senior Kindergarten students received a lovely, colorful scarf and a rhythm instrument. At the end of every week, the students would turn in their rhythm instruments to be disinfected over the weekend so they could receive a new and different instrument on the following Monday. This ensured everyone could safely play and practice with all instruments!

The students experimented with egg shakers, triangles, woodblocks, tick-tock blocks, castanets and rhythm sticks, began learning how to play the beat to Jewish holiday songs and worked on learning to follow the director and how to take turns playing the instruments. To get their bodies moving and to provide an opportunity to stretch, Senior Kindergarteners also learned to dance with their scarves to music by Prokofiev, Brahms, Satie and others. They also practiced clapping patterns and dance moves to a rap by John Jacobson called Play Fair. Check out the pictures below of SK enjoying explorations in music! 



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