MS Students Participate in Hanukkah Escape Room, Donate to Causes of Their Choice
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Yair Bernstein, MS Teacher
On the Friday before winter break, our Middle School students participated in a Hanukkah-inspired (virtual) escape room. In advisories, the students had to solve puzzles related to Hanukkah in order to "escape the room" and win the game. The three Gibushim to win received $18 to donate to a cause of their choice. Each student in the winning advisories also received a mason jar full of goodies. Our winners were the Rieger advisory (donated to PAWS Chicago), the Gorosh advisory (donated to JDRF), and the Davis advisory (donated to No Kid Hungry). What a fun and meaningful way to leave for Winter Break! 

Do you think you can solve it? 

The goal is to "bring" Judah Maccabbie from his village of Modi'in to the Temple in Jerusalem. Some of the images contain links to Google forms with the riddles. You must go in order. To open the first riddle just type in "Hanukkah." Good luck!
If you are curious about the story behind this game, here it is: 
"Well, this is the story. And it is based on a true story. A few years from now, a BZ alumnus is going to invent a time machine. A different BZ graduate is going to hop into it late at night without telling anyone. That graduate wanted to go back in time to meet some dinosaurs because they were a science freak. But, they put in the wrong coordinates and found themselves in the middle of a war between the Greeks and the Maccabees. Knowing where this story goes, our BZ student quickly and bravely collected many jars of oil and hid them in the Temple. When the Maccabees won the war and arrived at the temple, they were thrilled to find all that oil and they lit the Menorah. But, now there was no miracle. And that action changed the course of history! And in the alternate universe, Hanukkah was canceled!
Your job is to help Judah Maccabee get to the temple before our time traveler gets there (approximately at 1:50 today). Use this map to help you lead Judah from his hometown of Modi’in to Jerusalem. You have 40 minutes to solve all five riddles and save Hanukkah, without your help, no more latkes! No more gifts! And worse of all, no more Sufganiot!"

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