Class of 2021: Image and Memory, Yesterday and Today
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Dr. Jeff Ellison & Gili Sherman, MS Faculty
A single photograph represents a world entire.
Each photo and short film in this exhibit
represent the world of the Holocaust and
its aftermath. Each photo represents a story
about survival, death, loss and trauma that
reach across generations and time. Can you
see those worlds in their eyes, their faces,
and the objects they carry?
View the Class of 2021's yearlong, interdisciplinary project combining Holocaust studies with the art of photography at Bernard Zell this summer. This project was initiated under the leadership of eighth-grade history teacher, Dr. Jeff Ellison; middle school art teacher, Ms. Gili Sherman; and Bernard Zell artist-in-residence and author of The Last Album: Eyes from the Ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Dr. Ann Weiss.
With inspiration and guidance from Dr. Weiss—whose own work traces the history of individuals pictured in a cache of photos confiscated from the prisoners of Auschwitz—students completed a similar project using art and personal narrative. Beginning in the fall of last year, students were given the name and contact information of a Survivor, or if deceased, a Survivor’s relative. After learning the art of interviewing, and the history of photography and photographic techniques, students both interviewed their Survivor via Zoom and asked each to take a photo of themselves in a way that would reflect their personal narrative. Students then completed their own artist reflection photos, all of which will be on display. 
Through dedicated research and interviews with each Survivor and their family members, the result is a gallery honoring the lives of those who lived through the atrocities of the Holocaust. In seeing and hearing the stories of these Survivors, the students became witnesses, and now you, the visitor, who sees and hears these stories, become witnesses as well. 
A special thanks to the Lucas and Arkes families, whose generous contributions allowed for the successful planning and implementation of this project to honor the memory of Survivors Magda Brown, z"l, and Lisa and Aaron Derman, z"l, who were close personal friends of their families.
While eighth-grade parents and special members of the community will be viewing the exhibition in early June, we look forward to sharing this meaningful project presented by our outstanding eighth-grade students with all parents over the summer. 

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