A Message from Abby Aloni: December 2, 2020
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Abby Aloni, Head of Early Childhood

Dear Parents,

The past nine months have been challenging for all of us, especially those with young children. Whether you’ve struggled with the inability to arrange playdates with friends or to receive childcare from family members, parenting in a pandemic certainly isn’t easy.

We've been working hard to support you during this time, to help answer children’s questions about the world right now, but most importantly, to provide a safe space and welcoming environment where our youngest learners can thrive, despite circumstances in the outside world. This comfort comes from our exemplary faculty and the rigorous, play-based curriculum they lead for our students every day. 

As the weather grows colder and the end of the year approaches, we thought we would provide you with an activity guide, BZ Winter Explorations.

While these activities are certainly fun and provide wonderful opportunities for families to engage together and young children to explore independently, they also support many early learning goals. Through conversations as they play, children will continue to develop vocabulary, to practice proper articulation, and to use language to convey information and ideas. With your support, they will begin to identify and describe common attributes, patterns and relationships in objects and begin to make predictions and collect data. This type of play also allows young children to demonstrate curiosity about the world around them and begin to use the practices of science and engineering to answer questions and solve problems. It also encourages the development of gross and fine motor skills while using strength and control to accomplish tasks. 

Speaking of winter weather, our goal even more so this year is to have our children outside exploring and learning even when it is cold and snowy. With that in mind, providing appropriate attire to keep your children warm and dry is very important! Please make sure your child has waterproof mittens/gloves with wrist straps, if possible, and a warm hat each day. Knit mittens or gloves are not recommended as they get wet very quickly and result in cold hands. Once snow is on the ground, all early childhood students should wear boots and bring snow pants daily. Alternatively, these items can be left at school. When wearing boots, please ensure your child has a comfortable pair of gym shoes to change into when they are inside the classroom. Labeling all items with your child's name will help us to ensure things are not lost.

I hope what’s provided in these pages can shake up your normal routines and offer you some relief from the repetition of your distancing schedule. Using nature and the winter weather as your teacher, these activities will stimulate your child’s growth and development while also bringing some joy to your family during a challenging moment! Please feel free to share the activity guide with your friends and family with young children to enjoy.


Abby Aloni
Head of Early Childhood



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