7th-Grade Imagines Shabbat in Israel
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Yair Bernstein, MS Jewish Studies Teacher
Last Friday, 7th-grade students got a taste of what Friday feels like in Israel. That special time when the sun is setting on the horizon, it's reflection shining on the Mediterranean Sea and everything around is quieting down in preparation for Shabbat. Roni, one of BZ's ShinShinim, described to the students how every Friday afternoon she and her friends go to sit on the beach drink a cup of tea or coffee that they prepared on the spot and talk about their week. To make the experience more tangible, Roni brought cups of tea, sugar and a kettle, and of course, cookies for good measure. In the background she projected a sunset on the beach. And with the sounds of the waves each student got to describe what their Shabbat looks like. 
Whether we're having a traditional Shabbat dinner, watching movie with the family or just spending time with friends, we each celebrate Shabbat in our own way!


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