7th-Grade "Charity Shark Tank" Competition
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Doug Davis, MS Teacher
Two weeks ago 7th graders participated in a "Charity Shark Tank" competition. The students were divided into groups to research a different charity. Charities could be local, national, or international and could deal with a variety of issues, with most focusing on poverty and the environment. After learning about their charities, the groups gave presentations to the whole grade and the Sharks (aka seventh grade advisors). After hearing from all of the different charities, the Sharks voted on which charity to support with a donation.
Money for the donation came from the seventh grade students and teachers. The original plan was for each student to bring in a dollar, so that the grade could donate around $50 to the chosen charity. However, our students and teachers contributed over $250. 
The goal of the project was for students to educate one another about all of the ways we can help other people and our world. It was also an opportunity to practice creating informative presentations and public speaking. Because of the great student work and the many worthy charities, it was difficult for the Sharks to make a choice. However, they ultimately decided to donate the money to Sarah's Circle. Sarah's Circle is a local organization in the Uptown neighborhood that provides services to women experiencing homelessness. Great work, Seventh Grade!

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