100 Days of SK110!
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Emily Raisher, SK Teacher
Students in SK 110 have been preparing all year for the monumental celebration of the 100th day of school. They have mastered their letter sounds with daily Fundations practice, solidified number recognition through the Investigations program, immersed themselves in thematic units related to the city of Chicago and the rainforest and so much more! Their inquisitiveness has led to a deeper understanding through inquiries, stories and hands-on activities. 
Throughout this week students explored the number 100 through writing assignments, art explorations and games. Self-portraits depicting themselves at 100 years old allowed our students to look closely at their features, a skill they’ve practiced throughout their years in our early childhood program while adding wrinkles, glasses and white hair. Activities using 100 objects granted the students an opportunity to compare weight, strategically balance cups and build strength with calisthenics. 
Finally, all of our students created 100-day projects displaying their understanding of this special number. After grouping objects by twos, fives, tens and even fifties they presented their creative and unique projects to their peers. Like all proper celebrations, we ended the day with cupcakes and laughter. We are so proud of our first 100 days in senior kindergarten and look forward to learning and growing for the rest of the year!



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