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World Premiere: The Velveteen Rabbit, December 11

World Premiere: The Velveteen Rabbit, December 11
  • Performing Arts
Brandon Becker, Director of Performing Arts

It isn’t every day that a student is asked to purposefully destroy something for a school project, and yet the Prop Crew for Bernard Zell’s 7th-grade production of The Velveteen Rabbit was recently tasked with just that: take a stuffed animal and make it look like it has been loved and carried around for a long period of time. Audience members will see the results on Wednesday, December 11 at 7:30 p.m. when the original adaptation of the classic story makes its debut in Blum Community Hall.

Performing Arts Director Brandon Becker explains, “In August we started the process of creating the show by having the students improvise various moments from the story and develop their character’s personalities. From there they refined the script and updated the story so that it feels more timely.”

The entire production is performed, designed and built by the 7th-grade class. From painting pirate ships to deciding the costume pieces for each character (66 in all), students have been spending at least two hours each week preparing for the show. When asked what their favorite part of the process has been so far, Prop Crew member Zoe Josefson and Prop Crew Chief Rachel Lipsitz said, “Getting everything together and making and assembling (things for the show).”

This has included many of the unglamorous but important parts of the process such as creating the posters and programs, the show’s t-shirts, study guides, and recording voice-overs. The emphasis the past few months has been on working together as a team in order to create a show that the students can be proud of, or as Set Crew Chief Bennett Levinson comments, “the idea that...if we excel up; the entire play will be elevated in quality.” 

From the live music being played and sung during the show, to the special effects on display, the show is a true testament to the classes’ talent and creativity. Of course, everyone wants to know what to expect, and Music Crew member Danny Goodman says, “I deeply believe the audience should expect a unique performance, with transformational music, that allows you to truly feel immersed in the magical story of The Velveteen Rabbit.”  

Tickets will be available on Friday, November 25.



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