Third Grade Delves Into Chicago's History

Third Grade Delves Into Chicago's History
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Candice Cooper, 3rd Grade Teacher

What neighborhood do you live in? Third graders are focusing on exploring Chicago’s neighborhoods this year in Social Studies. The students kicked off the unit by concentrating on Chicago's history. They began by activating their prior knowledge and making a list of what they already knew about Chicago’s history. In library class, they explored the symbols on the Chicago flag. The students learned that each part of the flag represents an important event in Chicago history. Then, all students created their own identity flag, choosing symbols that represent who they are. In the weeks to come, the flags will be made in art class and displayed in the classroom.

Each child then chose a specific part of Chicago history that they want to focus on based on the following topics: Fort Dearborn, The Chicago Fire, The Columbian Exposition of 1893, The Chicago River, and the Century of Progress of 1933. In the next few weeks, the third graders will be heading to the Chicago History Museum on their quest to become experts on their topics. They will share their newfound knowledge with each other and the students in SK. Everyone agrees: learning about our city is interesting, relevant and fun!



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