Senior Kindergarten Embraces Distance Learning

Senior Kindergarten Embraces Distance Learning
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Marisa Fujinaka, Early Childhood Teacher

Distance learning was a newcomer to the field of Early Childhood and Bernard Zell Senior Kindergarten (SK) students were ready for the challenge! Since the beginning of distance learning, SK students have shown great resilience and adaptability to this new form of learning. They continue to be fully engaged and successful in the curriculum.

The SK distance learning program includes the curriculum from Level K of the Wilson Fundations Language Training program and Investigations. SK teachers have researched and reimagined these programs in order to maintain and accurately present their guiding philosophies. The Fundations lessons focus on phonological awareness, sound mastery, vocabulary, fluency, punctuation and comprehension. The adapted program continually provides students with the foundational skills that they would be acquiring in the daily classroom. For Investigations, students are developing all of the Common Core-aligned skills that are embedded in its program through games, interactive explorations and supplemental STEAM explorations. 

SK Teachers have marveled at the work of SK students through seeing online documentation (photographs and videos) and during their weekly Zoom calls. Below are a few examples of students hard at work! 




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