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Lower School Is Introduced to Israeli Elections

Lower School Is Introduced to Israeli Elections
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Bracha Dror, 3rd and 4th Grade Jewish Studies

In 3rd and 4th grade, students were recently introduced to elections in Israel. They learned what democracy looks like in Israel, what the Knesset is and how Israeli citizens select the government and their Prime Minister. 

Since elections took place in Israel last April, students discovered what brought Israel to go again to elections in such a short time, discussing the struggle to reach a coalition of 61 votes out of 120 members of the Knesset. Teachers used examples from students' everyday life to explain this idea. 

After the results were published, students and teachers tried to create a coalition based on the results.

Here are some comments from students in 3rd and 4th grade:

Eden A. (3rd grade) - It was a fun activity because I got a chance to learn about the people of Israel and seeing what it's like to be part of the election.

Oliver R. (3rd grade) - It was very interesting, I thought that once we learned about it we will learn more about Israel.

Asher E. (3rd grade) - It was exciting to see who will win. We played a fun game in choosing the new government in Israel and it helped us understand better which party will work with another party.

Bella M. (3rd grade) - I got a lot of information about Israel and the elections because I never heard these kinds of things. 

Eli G. (4th grade) - I learned a lot of interesting facts about the elections in Israel such as a 4% threshold to get into the Knesset, a certain amount of votes will get you to one mandate.

Anna J. (4th grade) - I liked to learn about the Election because we had a chance to create our own government based on the results of the election. Using examples from our everyday lives helped us understand better why Israel is going to elections again.

Emma D (4th grade) - I never learned about the elections before, and I found it interesting because I learned about the parties participating, the Mandate Threshold.

Ilai O. (4th grade) - I learned which party will sit with another party, and which ones will not. I also learned something very important that in order to create a government you need to reach the 61 mandates or you cannot create a coalition.




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