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Lower School Arts Gets Hands-On with Technology

Lower School Arts Gets Hands-On with Technology
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Shana Ryback, Lower School Art Teacher

Thanks to the Parent Teacher Council, the Art Department received a class set of iPads funded through the Teacher Innovation Initiative grant. This past summer Mrs. Ryback took part in an eight week course on how to best utilize the iPads for the creation, documentation and reflection of artwork. With the help of the tech team, she has begun introducing the iPads into the curriculum over the past two weeks.

Students in 4th grade began by documenting their most recently finished artwork, and sharing it with the class via the Seesaw app, along with their reflections on the creative process. They also went on a vocabulary scavenger hunt, photographing examples of positive and negative space found around the art room and the hallway. Within the next two weeks, 3rd grade will begin a cross-curricular project with science using the Adobe Sketch app, a drawing and painting app. 1st and 2nd grades will begin using the art iPads in the coming weeks as well.

In addition to documenting and creating artwork, students will be able to explore art concepts and visit online museums through a variety of art appreciation apps. The vision for the iPads in the art room is for them to serve as enrichment alongside hands-on art experiences, and as a tool for ongoing documentation and communication, while exposing students to the possibilities this technology opens up to us in the arts. 



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