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Let's Virtually Meet the Pets of Bernard Zell!

Let's Virtually Meet the Pets of Bernard Zell!
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Abigail Spalding, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

It might become difficult to stare at the same walls day after day during the quarantine. We're used to going to lunch with our classmates and having face-to-face interactions with our teachers. Now, we work, study, relax and eat all in the same place, but someone else is very excited to get to do all of these things with you — your pet!

Whether you have a cat, dog, lizard, ferret, hamster or any other animal friend, it's fun for them to see their human best friends every day. Some pets might not be the best classmates or co-workers, but we're sure they are supportive of everything you do and that's why we want to "meet" your family's (and faculty's) special family members! Email us photos of just your pet, your pet with your family, or a photo depicting how your pet has made your quarantine unique. Don't forget to include your pet's name(s) and email them to We'll share a featured gallery of Bernard Zell pets in the next Ma Nishma!



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