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Dana Hirt's Ten Tips for Parents Navigating the Covid-19 Crisis

Dana Hirt's Ten Tips for Parents Navigating the Covid-19 Crisis
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Dana Hirt, Founder and Principal of Dana Hirt Parenting

Take a moment to listen to a message from Dana Hirt, Founder and Principal of Dana Hirt Parenting and Bernard Zell Alumni Parent for tips and best practices on how to navigate social distancing while also sharing activities and experiences with our collective community.

For more ideas, read our latest blog post below featuring Dana’s Ten Tips for Parents, and stay tuned for additional videos from Dana helping us all to navigate this challenging moment.

  1. Manage your own anxiety. Get the support you need so you don’t escalate fear for your children.
  2. Stay informed. The CDC website is loaded with valuable information for parents. In addition, stay on top of communication from your children’s school, pediatrician, tutors, etc. 
  3. Focus on what you CAN control. It’s important for our children to still feel like they are empowered. Involve older kids in setting up hand washing stations in the house; create a checklist to wipe down handles, light switches and knobs every hour and assign the tasks.
  4. Make a plan. Structure is important for kids and they like being able to anticipate what is happening next. Post your daily schedule and use colors and pictures for little ones.
  5. Be prepared to PIVOT. You may need to revisit the plan as the situation changes. Be flexible. 
  6. Have family meetings. A weekly forum (or more frequent if necessary) to check in with each other will help manage the stress of all of this together time.
  7. Dedicate private space. Everyone should have a special place in your home that is just his/hers. It can be a fort in the corner of the living room, but privacy is important.
  8. Don’t isolate emotionally or psychologically. Stay connected to your extended family, friends and community. We are all in this together. Use technology (FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp) to check-in and ‘see’ each other.
  9. Share your best ideas. Post a great pantry staple recipe. Share a fun family game. 
  10. Do something for someone else. Have your kids write a letter to a senior in an assisted living facility. Donate to your local food pantry. Buy a gift certificate for a restaurant in your area.



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