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Alumni Spotlight: Griffen Saul '13

Alumni Spotlight: Griffen Saul '13
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Brian Barasch, Director of Marketing and Communications

Griffen Saul '13 says that the path he’s chosen to walk is one of public service and social justice, but if he were to turn around and look at where he’s come from, that path would lead straight back to his time at Bernard Zell.

A student at BZ from Junior Kindergarten all the way through 8th Grade, Griffen fondly remembers his incredible teachers, the friendships he built while in school and lessons of tikkun olam, repairing the world. Those lessons are still with him today as he continues into his junior year as a political science major at Tufts University with minors in both Spanish and urban policy. While his exact plans following graduation are still taking shape, Griffen is clear that he intends to remain civically engaged, working in social justice-minded spaces, maybe even pursuing public office further down the road. 

But Griffen isn’t waiting to finish school to begin advocating for the causes he believes in. His personal values are already motivating him to action, as a community organizer, a Tisch Scholar at the Tisch College for Civic Life at Tufts University, a recent intern with the Pete Buttigieg political campaign, a current advocacy and community engagement intern with the United Nations Foundation and not least of all, the founder and CEO of his own non-profit, We Are Able, an organization honoring his father’s legacy by raising awareness for equal opportunity within the disability community.

As he juggles the multiple responsibilities of his life as a student, the leader of a non-profit organization and an advocate for the vulnerable and under-served, Griffen emphasizes his desire to experience a wide range of work so that he’ll be better prepared to take on whatever challenges confront him in the professional world. This tactic to prepare for the unknown and gain a broad scope of experience is built out of the lessons Griffen learned from his formative teachers at Bernard Zell and the community of peers, parents and alumni who were a part of his education and set him on the path he continues to walk today.



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