🎓 Todah Rabah (Thank You) to our Graduating Families
Bernard Zell PTC Exec Committee
Sending our graduating parents a heartfelt todah rabah (thank you) as they bid farewell to their final school year at Bernard Zell and prepare to embark on new journeys.
Throughout the years, you all have selflessly given your time, energy, and resources to support our students, teachers, and staff. Whether it was volunteering in the classroom, organizing fundraisers, or cheerleading for our teachers and faculty, your efforts have enriched both the social and educational experience of every child in our school.
As you move on to new adventures and chapters in your lives, please know that your legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of everyone you have touched. Your dedication to our school has helped shape the future leaders of tomorrow, and for that, we are eternally grateful. 
Todah rabah (thank you) to our graduating families!
  • Ahitow Family
  • Anders / Dubner Family
  • Ankin Family 
  • Azulay Family 
  • Cohen Family 
  • Fayne Family
  • Feirstein Family 
  • Fischer / Stern Family 
  • Fisher Family 
  • Golding Family 
  • Goodman Family  
  • Hoke Family 
  • Kromelow Family 
  • Lattin Family 
  • Levy Family 
  • Massel Family 
  • Meyers Family 
  • Nachom Family
  • Ofer Family
  • Rindner Family  
  • Rosenberg Family 
  • Sager Family 
  • Shapiro Family 
  • Shear Family 
  • Winick / Skidelsky Family
Thank you, graduating parents, for your years of service, dedication and love. You have truly made a difference, and we are forever grateful.

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