🧡 Mazel Tov to the New PTC Executive Board
Rachel Charlip, Director of Development
Mazel Tov to the incoming members of the 2024-25 PTC Executive Board! 
We had an incredible group of parents apply to be a part of the PTC Exec Board and we look forward to seeing how their leadership will enhance our Bernard Zell community next year! 
2024-25 PTC Exec Slate (new members/positions in orange):
President Ex-officio: Allyson Becker
President: Katie Schaffer
President-Elect (3-year term): Sara Morris
Treasurer: Brett Klugman
Chairs of BIG (Be Innovative Grant) (2-year term): Sara Berman, Jennifer Dorfman, Nikki Riskin
Marketing & Communications Officer (1-year term): Rebecca Bass
Community Engagement Officer (1 year remaining on 2-year term): Diane Welbel
Secretary (1-year term): Ashley Wayne
Thank you to our Nominating Committee for their thoughtful participation in slating the 2024-25 Exec team! 
If you have any objections to the slate being accepted as is, please contact ptc@gmail.com.

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