Faculty and Staff Professional Development Update
  • Faculty and Staff
Brian Barasch, Director of Marketing & Communications
After an unusual and demanding year in the classroom, Bernard Zell teachers have more than earned their summer breaks. Even so, many of our incredible faculty are continuing to hone their skills or learn new methodologies through a variety of professional development opportunities. Below are just a few of the many conferences, seminars and trainings that our educators are engaging in this summer.
Early Childhood
In Early Childhood, the entire SK team will be participating in the Amazeworks anti-bias education curriculum which strives to help schools identify and understand their culture in a way that provides for individual and organizational growth and focuses on creating the conditions for belonging and equity. Elsewhere in EC, Rachel Ahitow, Abby Aloni, Lindsey Elliott, Rena Grosser, Andrea Raskin and Marthe Spizman will all be attending ECEpalooza, an online conference for Jewish early childhood educators presented by ​The Paradigm Project. 

Lower School  

In Lower School, teachers will be engaging in a variety of learning opportunities. Alicia Levy and Lori Deradoorian will both be attending the Chicago Literacy Group’s reading and writing summer institute as a supplement to the Lucy Calkins curriculum; while next month, Sarah Lyon, Andie Townhouse and Cezar Simeon will be attending the Invent to Learn Institute where they’ll engage in hands-on workshops from the worlds of STEM, art, design and computer science. To continue growing as a music educator, Charki Dunn will again deepen her application of the World Music Drumming curriculum, improve musical skills and teaching effectiveness at the World Music Drumming summer workshops and Lower School learning specialist, Caitlin Mundt will gain a deeper understanding of Wilson Fundations Level 1 with online workshops from Learning Techniques, Ltd. All Lower School faculty will also be participating in the Norah Project disability inclusion training and Amazeworks’ anti-bias education.

Middle School

In Middle School, Jenny Einberger, Jamie Wendt and Claire Winter will also be attending reading and writing workshop trainings through the Chicago Literacy Group while Middle School math and science teachers, Lauren Ludwig and Eleanor Cory will attend the Invent to Learn Institute. Finally, Valentina Sorescu and Eleanor Cory will attend the Responsive Classroom Summer Institutes where they’ll dive deeper into an evidence-based approach to teaching that focuses on engaging academics, positive community, effective management and developmental awareness.  
We look forward to welcoming all teachers back to Bernard Zell in the final two weeks of August for additional in-service, learning, and community-building activities in order to prepare for the arrival of students on August 30!
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