Student Services at Bernard Zell

The Student Services Department at Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School, led by the Director of Student Services, is comprised of a team of Learning Specialists, Social Workers and Enrichment Specialists.

Together, the team provides consultation, appropriate accommodations and support services for our students throughout the school. We strive to help individual students with diverse needs maximize their potential, recognize strengths, and find success at school. In support of the Bernard Zell mission, the Student Services Department works with our community to develop a school culture that supports and celebrates different learning styles and cognitive diversity.
While Student Services impacts all students, a continuum of services is offered to specific students who have identified needs and qualify for additional targeted support. Students may need small group intervention outside of the classroom setting, while others benefit from strategy-based supports within the classroom. All services include consultation between the classroom teacher(s) and members of the Student Services team. The model of support may change as a child develops, progresses and responds to the academic and social demands throughout the grade levels.
When a student is struggling, a member of the Student Services team may utilize formal or informal screening tools to gather additional information and discuss the student’s learning style. This guides teachers to implement strategies or establish targeted areas of intervention in the classroom and is the first step prior to making a recommendation for additional support or a private evaluation. When a formal assessment has been provided to the school by an outside diagnositican, Bernard Zell uses a combination of school information and the diagnostic data to development an individualized plan of support.  
At Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School we recognize the importance of social emotional development for all of our students. In addition to our supportive curricular programs, we have two full-time Social Workers. Meeting the needs of the whole student in order to support social emotional learning and student success is provided through full class instruction, small groups, one-on-one support and family consultation.
The Student Services team members work closely with Bernard Zell teachers to recommend, coordinate, and facilitate appropriate classroom modifications, accommodations, and implement plans for children with identified areas of need. The team partners with each family to understand and address their child’s needs to the highest capacity possible in the school setting. The Student Services team at each grade level works to collaborate and coordinate with classroom teams to help students understand and articulate their own learning styles and become effective self-advocates. When requested, the Student Services team can provide referrals for private services such as diagnostic testing, tutoring, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, and summer programs.