Tiyul 2022 Blog / Day 3: April 28, 2022 | AquaKef/Shabbat
  • Tiyul 22 Day 3
Scarlett S., Lauren R. & Zoe K.

AquaKef and Shabbat in Tel Aviv

This morning I was looking outside the window of my room in the kibbutz and it was so pretty to see. There were birds chirping, the sun rising and everything felt so peaceful. There are trees with beautiful purple flowers and beyond that a mountain so it makes such a pretty view. I have been to a lot of places in my life, but I feel so peaceful in Israel. This is my first time traveling here and I can’t help but smile because something feels different from anywhere else I’ve ever been.

I got off of the bus today and immediately couldn’t resist the temptation to jump in the water at Aqua Kef. I told Ms. Bernstein, “I would love to buy this place.” That was before I tried out the obstacles. We all sprinted to the obstacles and couldn’t stop falling. Everywhere you went you would fall in. I climbed up a massive blow up and slid down into the water. Ms. Bernstein was there and I said, “this place is worth my money!” At the end I didn’t want to leave so I took a long route to the exit. On the bus we all recalled the fun moments and experiences.
As we sat together as a grade and community singing and praying, many people passed by. When people passed by they would stop and listen. There were runners who took out their earbuds and stood there smiling, a lady in a wheelchair who stopped and listened with a big smile across her face, and a woman who stopped and recorderded the moment. This was a very surreal moment and I think it is when I registered that we are in Israel. In Chicago, it would be very likely to be judged while seen in a group singing Hebrew prayers in public, but in Israel, a place where all Jews are welcomed, it is appreciated."
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