Tiyul 2022 Blog / Day 9: May 5, 2022 | City of David
  • Tiyul 22 Day 9
Sienna M.

City of David, Bat Kotel

Sienna M.
Yesterday morning I was told that I would have the opportunity to become a bat mitzvah at the Kotel. I prepared my torah portion and even a d’var torah to share with my class. It took time to think and reflect about the torah portion and what it meant to me. After a lot of practice, I was a little nervous, but I read from the torah, gave my d’var, and it was worth it! My class also sang and danced and even lifted me in the air while they sang Hava Negila. Then, my friends swarmed me with hugs and mazel tovs. It felt good to know that they were proud of me and to have so much support here in Israel. I was able to be surrounded by all of my best friends in such a holy space.