Tiyul 2022 Blog / Day 2: April 27, 2022 | Golan/Boat Ride
  • Tiyul 22 Day 2
Blake A. & Charlie G.

Today was Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, in Israel. At 10:00 this morning, we heard a siren all across Israel. This siren lasted two minutes and it was probably the most powerful two minutes of my life. During my eight years at Bernard Zell, I have watched videos of the siren, but I've never truly experienced it. Until today. I stood there reflecting about my distant family members as the entire country of Israel was silent. I also knew that people across the entire country were also standing at attention, in memory of those who passed during the Holocaust. There is truly nothing else like it. We are so lucky to be here in Israel—having a blast—and today is a reminder of the resilience of our community.
Today I had numerous and significant Jewish experiences. The first happened at beginning of the day when the siren went off for Yom HaShoah. For two minutes, I focused my thoughts on events in the past and how important our history is and gratitude for being able to be here today. Later, we went to Mount Bental and discussed the Six Day and Yom Kippur Wars. From there, we were splashing and rafting down the Jordan River and finally took a sunset cruise on the Kineret. Looking for some quiet, I went down to the lower level of our boat and as I looked out at the setting sun, I felt such a strong connection to Israel and my Jewish identity.  
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