Tiyul 2022 Blog / Day 1 & 2: We've Arrived!
  • Tiyul 22 Day 1
Maya L. & Sophie Z.

The long awaited Tiyul trip to Israel has finally arrived! For some, this is their first trip to Israel. For others, this is just one of many trips to Israel. As our peer, Yonatan, put it: “Even though I come here once a year, the feeling of joy I have when I land never fades.” Those who are coming to Israel for the first time experienced a similar feeling of homecoming. As many students exited the plane, they shared a feeling of disbelief that they had finally become a part of this Tiyul tradition. Watch this video for proof! 
While many students faced anxiety for this trip, there was an overwhelming amount of support from our teachers and friends. Teachers have been checking in with students constantly and students are also offering a helping hand to teachers who are juggling passports, vaccine cards and so much more. Small and helpful moments like that will make this a memorable and special trip.
This trip has felt so surreal—after flying for 13 hours and after taking 2 COVID tests, we’re now riding a bus to our first stop—Kibbutz D’ganya. As we, Maya L. and Sophie Z., write the first blog post of Tiyul 2022 during our two hour bus ride, everything is starting to settle in and the nervous butterflies are shifting into a sense of anticipation for the upcoming 10 days that we will remember forever.
We also reflect on the importance of this milestone that will conclude our Bernard Zell journey. Although we have only been in Israel for 4 hours, their have been developing friendships, delicious food, and many many laughs. Tune in tomorrow for the next blog post of Tiyul 2022!