Tiyul 2021: Day 9 | Horseback Riding and Last Day at Camp Ramah
Class of 2021
Our last full day at camp! Students hopped aboard the bus for a short trip to Dillard Stables where each got the opportunity to ride a horse through an incredibly picturesque North Georgia landscape. Back at camp students led their peers in tie-dying, yoga and stretching, chocolate ball making and more. The ShinShinim led students in a reflection activity and after dinner the staff gave out paper plate awards recognizing everyone’s unique contributions to the grade. The day concluded with a full-grade softball game that was won on a walk-off hit. Read more from our students below.
Noah H. and Tobin B.
Yesterday, the eighth grade went horseback riding. During the ride, we went through fields of white and yellow flowers, rivers that were knee-high, and trails covered in obstacles like trees and snakes. We all had fun learning how to control the horses and trusting in ourselves and our peers to stay in line and control their horse. My main takeaway was to trust myself and my peers. Without having trust, we would step out of line and create a chain of the horses messing up. We quickly learned to stay in line and trust that the person in front and behind would as well. 
Sadie HS, Ella L. and Sadie L.
Our last full day at Camp Ramah was the warmest yet. We had the opportunity to swim in the pool, which really cooled us down. At the pool, everyone was jumping in, trying to laugh and smile, despite how freezing the pool was. Sadie HS brought her speaker down and we jammed out to music and played pass with it. Although our experience at the pool wasn’t how we imagined, we were all able to bond with each other over the temperature of it. We learned to always make the best out of a situation and to think positively before trying something new. It was the best way to end our Tiyul USA trip. 
Morgan R. and Gavin V.
The whole grade softball game under the lights at Camp Ramah was a blast. We divided into four teams and played a six-inning game. At first, team three jumped ahead scoring two early runs. As the game prolonged, team four started to pick it up in the field and in the dugout. Halfway through, team one started to catch up and tied the game 2-2-2-0. The later the game got, team four and team one kept scoring. At the end of the game, team one was down by only one run. The game ended up getting tied up with one out and the bases were loaded. Asher F. was up to bat. As the pitch came in, Asher crushed the ball into center field for the walk-off. It was an amazing last night of being at Camp Ramah.
Aeden N.
On our last Monday at Camp Ramah, the big activity away from the campus was horseback riding. When we got there we had to split into two groups because there were a lot of us. As we waited for our turn to go there were other horses, goats, baby goats, even roosters and chickens. One of the horses was named Dallas. Once it was our turn to go it was fun and we got wet. We all got a little wet because we got to ride the horses into a river. We also got to ride the horses into a beautiful field of yellow flowers. Afar we saw lovely mountains filled with lots of vibrant trees. Spending time together as a grade and looking at all the nature around us was a great way of ending our activities. 
Jordyn K.
To end our amazing experience at Camp Ramah, we had a paper plate award ceremony to close our Tiyul. Every student, as well as teachers, got a paper plate with something that was special about them. Some got most likely awards while others got general awards about them as a person. The award show started by Ms. Hurt running into the room where the awards took place in a banana costume. She then awarded each teacher and ShinShinim with a personalized award plate. Then the teachers took turns awarding the students. Everyone got to keep their personally awarded plate to remember the trip and acknowledge the individual and special characteristics of each student. This award ceremony was the perfect end to an amazing trip.