Tiyul 2021: Day 8 | Outdoor Adventure Excursions
Class of 2021
On day eight, students got up early for the drive to Copperhill, Tennessee. In less than two hours we arrived at Raft One where students split into two groups—half started their day with rafting and the other half with ziplining. We came together for a quick box lunch before swapping and heading out in the afternoon for the opposite activity. By the end of the afternoon everyone was exhausted but elated. We traveled back to camp for dinner followed by the option of a late night softball game, or smores and a movie in the outdoor amphitheater. Hear more from the following students.
Gabe C.
Yesterday was a packed day. Among the many activities we participated in, my favorite was rafting. There were about six to eight people on a raft; five or so kids, a teacher or ShinShin and a rafting guide. I was grouped with a bunch of my friends and the ShinShin, Shira. Earlier that morning I imagined participating in rafting, but I certainly hadn’t imagined how much teamwork it would require. Once we’d arrived at the head of the river, our guide taught us all the “commands” and stressed how important it would be that we work together. We’d been friends for ten years, how hard could it be? As it turns out, rafting was one of the hardest and most fun things I’d done this trip. Together, my friends and I journeyed down the river, battling the raging currents and jagged rocks. We chanted, “One! Two! One! Two!” in an effort to coordinate our paddle strokes. Our efforts were to much avail as we succeeded in making it nearly all the way to the end with only seven out of the eight of us soaked and shivering. Unfortunately, we had to go out with a bang, and make sure the rafters of Tennessee never forgot us. So we did, with the end in sight our entire raft was engulfed by a massive wave. We all got soaked. Nevertheless, on that freezing, sunless morning, I had one of my favorite experiences and had a true bonding experience with my friends. 
Sarah S.
Yesterday we went white water rafting. I was lucky enough to be in the second group of the day, so by the time I got to go the sun had come out. My rafting group was so much fun and made the experience ten times better. Our instructor let us run into rocks and was so much fun. The water was freezing at first but I got adjusted to it. The rest of the group, however, did not. They were shivering and to be totally honest, Sadie and I were just laughing. Mr. Sheahan and our boat were racing and we beat him, which was such a win. By the end we were all soaked and smelled like the river water, but it was totally worth it!
Matthew A.
Last night we went to the softball field at camp and played under the lights. We played it a little differently that made it so fun. There were three teams and it was like a rotation where one team was in the field, one team was batting, and one team was off. It was really fun and the game ended up coming up to the very end for two of the teams. The final score was 11-10-2. We all took pictures after and no one was mad that they lost because we had a blast.

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