Tiyul 2019: Day 4 | Shabbat in the Holy City
Gavin, Yasmin, Zoe
Gavin, Yasim and Zoe
We had a great and relaxing Shabbat yesterday which we needed after a long week of memorable experiences! 
We started off our morning with a meditational Tefillah led by some of our friends. We said our favorite prayers and in between did some breathing exercises and had a few conversations about the meaning of tefillah.
Then, we had free time when many of us went swimming at the hotel pool. Many of us had family come and visit, which was very fun. In the afternoon, we got to go on a tour of the Ramat Rachel kibbutz where they are “rich with no money.” Throughout this tour we learned how the kibbutz supported its families with necessities such as food, cars, and shelter. We got to see their lifestyle through this tour and see how kibbutz living is like. As a reward for our good participation throughout the tour our tour guide let us visit his strawberry fields. We got to pick and try fresh strawberries, which were delicious! 
For dinner, we went to a barbecue hosted by a family that houses lone IDF soldiers. A lone soldier is a soldier that doesn't have a support system at home. This house provides them with that support. We got to hear their stories and learn about lone soldiers. Then we ate yummy barbecue!
We are enjoying our time in the Old City now. More about that in the next post!
Gavin, Yasmin, Zoe