Preparing to Return Checklist: August 21

Community Partnership Pledge

To ensure a safe return to campus we have developed essential protocols that must be followed by every member of the Bernard Zell community. It is up to each and every one of us to keep this community safe and healthy. Together we will demonstrate the value of Achrayut, responsibility for others, as we commit to the following pledge

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Blackbaud Notice

We are writing to let you know about a data security incident that may have involved your personal information. Bernard Zell takes the protection and proper use of your information very seriously. We are therefore contacting you to explain the incident and provide you with an overview of steps that have been taken to protect your information.

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Preparing to Return Checklist: August 27

To promote efficiency and safety, Bernard Zell will be using the SchoolPass app throughout the 2020-2021 school year for your child's daily healthy screening, attendance and to facilitate dismissal. You will receive a welcome email from SchoolPass later this evening with detailed instructions for how to login on the website as well as the parent app.

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An Update from the Early Childhood Team

We recognize that not all safety measures are as developmentally feasible as others and we adjust accordingly. After evaluating the ability of our youngest students to effectively eat while wearing face shields, and the risk to our Early Childhood faculty as the ones who would need to clean these face shields multiple times on a daily basis, we have determined that Early Childhood students will not be required to wear face shields when eating. Should a family want their Early Childhood student to wear a face shield during meals, we will have them available. Please just follow up with your child's teachers.

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Security Badge Update

In order to gain access to the school campus, whether on foot or in a vehicle, parents/guardians and authorized caregivers must have their new ID cards with them. Please click the link below if you need a replacement badge or have a new guardian or caretaker for the 2020-2021 school year. 

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Important Note from the School Nurse

Medication drop-off will take place during the first week of school during drop-off. Please keep all medication in its original packaging and inside a sealed bag labeled with your child's name, grade, and homeroom teacher/advisor. 

Families are asked to share all COVID-related information (confirmed or suspected household cases) directly with the school nurse. You can call the nurse 773-572-1277 or email and the nurse will return your call promptly. 

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Preparing to Return Checklist: August 14

Decision-Making Matrix

Among the most frequent questions we’ve heard over the past few weeks are related to the criteria that will trigger a change in modes of instruction—for individual students, for cohorts and for the entire school. At last night's webinar, Bernard Zell’s Chief Operating Officer, Audris Wong, began addressing these different scenarios, and subsequently was able to address a number of questions on this subject. 

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BZ Beyond 2020-2021

BZ Beyond is pleased to announce that an afternoon program will be offered to support the dynamic lives of our families this year. The program is committed to maintaining the health and safety standards set by the school during this unprecedented time. As you might expect, the program will be a bit different this year. Please review the following for details.

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Preparing to Return Checklist: August 6

Welcoming New BZ Faculty

With a new school year comes new faces. And while we’re sad to say goodbye to faculty and staff members whose paths have taken them to new jobs or even new cities, our community is pleased to welcome a cohort of exceptional educators and administrators to the halls of Bernard Zell beginning this fall.

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