Community Partnership Pledge

To ensure a safe return to campus we have developed essential protocols which must be followed by every member of the Bernard Zell community. It is up to each and every one of us to keep this community safe and healthy. Together we will demonstrate the value of Achrayut, responsibility for others, as we commit to the following pledge. This pledge signifies your commitment to keep our students, faculty, staff and fellow community members safe.
As a Bernard Zell Parent, I pledge to:
  • Ensure my student(s) will wear masks at all times at school and on campus, except on occasions when expressly allowed by a teacher or administrator.
  • Encourage my student(s) to maintain a distance of 6-feet to support social distancing guidelines 
  • Promote frequent hand washing and hygiene at home and at school
  • Certify my student’s health each morning through a symptom tracker/health certification app 
As a Bernard Zell Parent, I pledge to follow the following protocols:
  • I will communicate any diagnoses of communicable diseases to the school
  • I will not send my student to school if they are sick, regardless of whether it is advised by the health certification app 
  • I will not send my student to school if a household member has been exposed to COVID-19 or has symptoms related to COVID-19
  • I will not send my student to school for potentially as long as 14 days if they have been exposed to COVID-19
  • I will pick up my student from school promptly if they develop symptoms during the day or have behavioral issues, including failure to adhere to safety guidelines such as wearing masks or social distancing 
As a member of the Bernard Zell community I will work to uphold the standards of conduct for all of my student’s interactions. I will limit interactions outside of school as I understand these  may greatly increase my child’s potential for exposure, and that in turn, introduces new potential vectors of transmission to our school community. If I choose to participate in outside activities I will ensure the groups or organizations that I join will uphold the same guidelines that we commit to within the Bernard Zell community. 
To support the continued health and safety of our entire community I will support consistent mask-wearing in public, social distancing, and avoiding situations or events in which social distancing and mask-wearing are not consistently maintained. I am also aware that Bernard Zell is asking all families to observe the quarantine guidelines for travelers returning to the City of Chicago from international travel or from states cited as high risk on the CDPH website. 
By signing the pledge, I commit to maintaining the safeguards listed above in order to uphold the school’s safety standards and promote continued on-campus learning.

COVID-19 Protocols