Every student has the opportunity to participate in athletics at Bernard Zell. Our primary commitment is making it possible for all to participate regardless of skill or experience, while still building a strong athletic program that generates school pride and enthusiasm. It’s a spirit of inclusion that matches our overall community approach, where children develop confidence, responsibility and character, pursue a passion, and enrich their potential to learn and grow.
Physical education, after-school programs and interscholastic athletics take place on 35,000 square feet of soft green turf in the heart of our campus, or in our gymnasium or fitness center.
Students in grades six through eight can participate in interscholastic team sports throughout the fall, winter and spring:
  • Girls’ volleyball
  • Coed soccer
  • Boys’ and girls’ basketball
  • Boys’ volleyball
  • Girls’ softball
  • Coed track and field
  • Intramural opportunities, and more
Teams practice three to four times per week and participate in games and matches against Chicago-area schools. All of our teams, except our soccer program, are part of the CAMS League Conference. For students interested in running, including younger students, we also offer Girls on the Run team. In the spring we invite 5th graders to join the Athletics program and participate with sixth through eighth graders on our Bernard Zell track team.
Whatever passion Bernard Zell students pursue, they benefit from heightened personal integrity and self-discipline, good sportsmanship, self- confidence and pride, an appreciation for competition and perseverance, humility in loss, and the pride of a well-earned win.
About Middle School Physical Education, athletic events, scheduling, coaching opportunities or general inquiries:
About Lower School Physical Education:

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