Phil's Drills | Grades 1-2
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • Monday

Class Description: 

Phil’s Drills promotes and polishes hand-eye coordination, agility and other skills promoting both physical literacy and athletic performance.

Over the course of the program, kids will consistently be asked to multi-task, focus and use their brains to complete a series of unique ball work & agility challenges.

Each week, kids will participate in ‘The Phil’s Drills Games’ to perform, show off and crush their personal records, allowing their confidence to grow. Our creative and unique catches such as the, ‘X-Drop’, ‘Drop N Transfer’, ‘Backers’, ‘Spiders’, among many more, will leave your child having fun and feeling good about developing their skills for the future.

As a supplement to your child’s sporting life, or as an alternative to youth sports, Phil’s Drills creates exciting positive fun around growing confidence and

Offered On: Mondays

Grade Levels: 1st-2nd

Vendor/Teacher: Phil Beans

Price: $234





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