Our students know how to think for themselves and outside the box. They speak up for what they believe in and for those who cannot. 

To walk into Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School is to feel like you’re coming home. Children, parents, and teachers alike are encouraged to learn, to grow, and not only to be themselves, but to become their best selves.
For more than 70 years, Bernard Zell has united Jewish learning and traditions with the most innovative and beneficial educational practices. We challenge our students to excel in core academic subjects, athletics and the arts by encouraging their interest in ideas and their enthusiasm for discovery. Our students are explorers and problem-solvers, learning ethical behavior and self-advocacy, recognizing how actions impact those around us.
At Bernard Zell, we embrace our differences and we support each other both in academics and daily lives. We honor and celebrate meaningful Jewish occasions and personal milestones. We’re just as much a community as a school, and new community members are always welcome.
As our students grow in knowledge, they grow as people. Finding their passions, understanding their Jewish identity, and preparing for success in the larger world.

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