Annual Fundraiser

All In for Bernard Zell
Saturday, March 9, 2019

Thank you so much for celebrating Bernard Zell with us on Saturday night. Your generosity will ensure the continued excellence of the Bernard Zell experience. We are so grateful to our tremendous committee, our awesome faculty and staff, and all of the guests who made this night such a success! Thank you for being ALL IN for Bernard Zell! 

Rebecca Cohen and Marcy Zoller
Event Chairs

Congratulations to all of our winners
If you did not pick up your certificates/prizes on Saturday night, please contact Rachel Charlip at or stop by Barr House the week of March 11 to 15 to pick up your items. 

Live Auction Winners

Cubs First Pitch: Morris and Marina Gershengorin

Bernard Zell Parking Spot: Becky and Ilan Shalit

Experience Hell's Kitchen: Sally Garon

House in Colorado: Lindsay and Aaron Yaffa

Tuscany Truffle Hunt: Jeanine and Paul Gassel, Jessica and Dale Benjamin, Jodi and Jonathan Harris and Shawn and Jennifer Fabian

etta Restaurant: Jillian and Paul Mann

Mini Live Winners

Boat Cruise: John Gutman

In-Home Dinner: Jason Busch

Dana Rebecca Jewelry: Jillian Guttman Mann

In-Home Dinner with Chef Ben: 
Becky and Ilan Shalit

Tennis Membership: Matt Goodman

Comedy Package: Michael Masters

High Stakes PokerFifth Place - Ben Ellis
Fourth Place - Lonnie Nasatir
Third Place - Lisa Prostic
Second Place - David Schreibman
First Place - Sean Berkowitz

All In Raffle Prizes

VIP Tours – Brookfield Zoo & 
Museum of Science and Industry 

Joe Brown  

Summer Camp Package 
Liz Gonsky  

Jennifer Fisher Earrings
Morris Gershengorin 

Lester Lampert Gift Certificate
The Wood Family

Hair Package  
Carrie Friduss

Dangle Earrings
Gilli Sherman

Beauty Package
The Wood Family

Crocodile Clutch
Sally Garon

Skincare Package
Jessica Benjamin

Chicago Foodie Package
Tali Griffin

Home Upgrade and Organization
Trish Gilbert

Chicago Wolves
Sharon Gonsky

Bulls Tickets
James Gilligan

Scooter Package
Greg Cohen

In Home Dinner for Six – Longman and Eagle
Rob Laragh

Thank you to our sponsors.

Lead Sponsors:
BullEy & Andrews ♦ GCM Grosvenor ♦ Wheeler Kearns Architects
High Stakes Poker Sponsors:
Vered & Jeremy Kaufman ♦ Rebekah & Ilan Shalit
Wheel of Wine Sponsor:
Judith & John Shear
Chip Sponsors:
City Kids Dental ♦ Marina & Morris Gershengorin ♦ MG Dentistry & Rejuvenation Center
Craps & Roulette Sponsors:
Cohen Gastroenterology ♦ Merritt & Adam DeWitt ♦ Stowell & Friedman, LTD ♦ Tamar & Elan Jacoby ♦ Jessica & Josh Malkin ♦ Printable Promotions ♦ Shift Sciences LLC ♦ Elana & Jason Tennenbaum and Julie & Danny Zuckerman
Blackjack Sponsors:
Aetna Truck Parts, Inc. ♦ Atid Services ♦ Banner Day Camp ♦ Lena & David Blitstein ♦ Marlene Breslow-Blitstein & Berle Blitstein ♦ Blake & Joey Breslow ♦ The Faucet Shoppe ♦ Fred's Camp ♦ Lauren & Todd Berger and Jimmy & Jennifer Goodman ♦ Tracie & Andrew Harris and Dara & Scott Hessell ♦ Annie & Jeff Hesser ♦ Emily & Daniel Hoffman ♦ Leor & Simon Auerbach and Rachel & Neil Klein ♦ Light on Anxiety ♦ Midwest Neuropsychology ♦ Allyson & Scott Becker and Staci & Brandon Rice ♦ Marci & Todd Price and Jennie and Justin Robins ♦ Edyta & Mark Grazman and Betsy & David Seligman ♦ Ami & Chad Striker ♦Amy Winick
In-Kind Sponsor:
H.Y.P.E Productions, Inc.
This list includes sponsors secured by January 10, 2019


Annual Fundraiser Committee

♦ Joanna Aaron
♦ Leor Auerbach  
♦ Erica Bishaf
♦ Diana Chamlin  
♦Marina Gershengorin
♦ Rebecca Graines
♦ Jodi Gruber 
♦ Dara Hessell 
♦ Jodi Hinzman 
♦ Tamar Jacoby
♦ Rachel Katz
♦ Rachel Klein 
♦ Brett Klugman
♦ Beth Krigel
♦ Jennie Robins 
♦ Stacy Rudd
♦ Sarah Sager
♦ Lori Silverman
♦ Nanva Tollinche 
♦ Lindsay Yaffa