Thank you to our
2021-2022 Annual Campaign volunteer leaders!

AC Co-Chairs
Michael Geller, Nat Sager

AC Vice Chairs:
Darren DeJong, Emily Hoffman

AC Leadership Chairs
Beth & Ari Krigel

Annual Campaign 2021-22 Current Families
Donor Listing as of December 13, 2021

Rachel and Andy Ahitow
Leslie and Dan Alter
Becky and Marc Altman
Meredith Grossman and Darren Anders
Tracy and Howard Ankin
Nicole and Ryan Apple
Leor and Simon auerbach
Rachel and Jacob Avraham
Rachel and Gary Axelrod
Brienne Letourneau and Richard Bailey
Allyson and Scott Becker
Leanne and Dan Belz
Sara and Ross Berman
Shosh and Yair Bernstein
Staci Boris and Michael Blaustein
Lena and David Blitstein
Marcela and Eduardo Braun
Blake and Joey Breslow
Diana and Adam Chamlin
Bernard Cherkasov and Danny Cohen
Rebecca and Greg Cohen
Aaron and Debbi Cooper
Allison Dan
Elizabeth and Elliot Darvick
Merritt and Adam DeWitt
Jason Dubner
Scott and Jennifer Einberger
Jude and Ben Ellis
Sagit and David Epstein
Erica Esser
Erin and  Brett Estell
Amanda and  Adam Fayne
Franci and  Mike Feirstein
Tracey and  Sean Felter
Sara and Scott Fisher
Allison and  Michael Fishman
Sara and Jeffrey Fowler
Marissa Cohler and  Scott Frazin
Madhu Gundavaram and Ron Gaba
Iona Koss and Cory Garfin
Marjorie and  Jesse Garfinkel
Rachel and Mike Geller
Jennifer and  Lance Gilbert
Deena and  Kevin Goldstein
Jennifer and Jimmy Goodman
Sara and  Joseph Goodman
Wendy Diamond and Matthew Goodman
Danielle and Jordan Goodman
Jodi Rosen and Bruce Gorchow
Rebecca and Gregg Graines
Edyta and  Mark Grazman
Tali and  Graham Griffin
Katie and  Ilan Grinberg
Shallene and Matthew Gross
Emily and  Gregory Grossman
Brittany and Daniel Gruber
Jodi and  Adam Gruber
Melissa and  Michael Gurovitsch
Genna  and Gregory Guttman
Liraz Farkash Hakimian and  David Hakimian
Jodi and  Jonathan Harris
Rebecca and  Brian Harstein
Tamima Wyszkowski and  Jacob Hartz
Caitlin Groh and  James Hausler
Keithe and Ken Hayes
Elissa Gitlow and Jason Hecker
Brooke and Nicholas Heinzmann
Kerri and Martin Herman
Dara and Scott Hessell
Annie and Jeff Hesser
Michelle and Reuben Heyman-Kantor
Diana and William Himmelstein
Emily and DJ Hoffman
Sherri and  David Hoke
Lauren and  Nicholas Horween
Darren DeJong and  Ron Huberman
Elan and Tamar Jacoby
Lauri and Elad Joffe Turjeman
Beth Sanzenbacher and Paul Johns
Angelica Perez and  Justin Joseph
Ali and Josh Jubelirer
Rachel and Robert Jury
Sunshine and Scott Kapp
Faylyn and Danny Kaufman
Hayley Silver and Brad Kessler
Mindy and  Edward Kirsh
Brett and Nadav Klugman
Debra Kissen Kohn and Jonathan Kohn
Erin and  David Kohn
Irma Krasnopolskaya
Traci and  David Kraus
Beth and  Ari Krigel
Sheri and  Jason Kromelow
Karen and Josh Leavitt
Laura and Gary leff
Alicia and  Ari Levy
Alexandra White Levy and David Levy
Buffy and Stephen Levy
Melanie Kahn and  Sam Lichtenfeld
Kristi and  Stefen Lippitz
Lindsey Liss
Deborah and  Micah Litow
Naomi and  Daniel Lobatto
Pam and  Bryan Lookatch
Elizabeth Bodner and  Michael Lufrano
Samantha and  David Mann
Talia and  Danny Margolis
Marci and  Jesse Masur
Norah and  Matthew Meadows
ELizabeth Metzger
and Avi Newman
Trish Gilbert and
Jeff Meyer
Tamara and
Josh Mizrachi
Bari and Cade Mlodinoff
Nadia Underhill and  James Monchak
Risa and Lonnie Nasatir
Kara Goldman and  Hartley Nisenbaum
Mali Barak and Robert Nunez
Tali and  Avi Ofer
Noemi Fertman and Ohad Perry
Claudia Mendelson and  Joshua Pincus
Mandee and Jonathan Polonsky
Marci and Todd Price
Erin and  Jason Pritzker
Olga Syrkina and Yury Rachitsky
Emily and James Raisher
Sara Jacobson and Ari Reinfeld
Katie and Matt Rich
Jennifer and Justin Robins
Sharon and Barry Rosenberg
Lauren and Martin Roth
Jill and Russin Royal
Kimberly and Arnold Rubin
Rebecca and David Russo
Merav and  Mark Ruthman
Ivy and Jon Sack
Jordana and Adam Sager
Sarah and nat sager
Anna Fishbein and Jonathan Samet
Danielle and  Jay Sandler
Katie and  Evan Schaffer
Hillary and  Scott Schneider
Orian and  Ben Schwartz
Blake and  Adam Schwartz
Becky and Ilan Shalit
Heather and Kyle Sheahan
Julie Gelfond and Mitch Silver
Natalie Kaplan and Michael Silvestro
Lauren and Mark Singer
Karen Raviv and  Parrish Snyder
Rebecca and Eric Stone
Elana and  Jason Tennenbaum
Ericka and  Matt Thacker
Nahva and Felix Tollinche
Julie and Gary turkel
Melissa and Gai Walny
Mara and  Peter Warman
Emma and  Curtis Weiss
Michelle  and  Jack Weisz
Diane and  Jonathan Welbel
Davida Wexler
Jeffrey Wurtzel
Marcy and Michael Zoller
Julie and  Daniel Zuckerman
Bernard Zell values our warm, inclusive community and their partnership in the education of our students. Nowhere is this more evident than in the incredible support we receive every year from the parents, grandparents, alumni, staff and friends who come together to raise money for our Annual Campaign. We are tremendously grateful to those who helped us raise $1.2 million in 2020-2021, and we’re excited to work even harder for our 2021-2022 campaign.