Mazel Tov, Lego Hanukkiah Winners!

Meet our winners from the library's second annual LEGO Hanukkiah contest! Hannukiahs were judged anonymously based on their form, originality, and cohesiveness. There was one winner and two honorable “mentchkins” from each division. Winners and their homerooms will be gifted a special sufganiyot party when they return from winter break. 

Early Childhood
1st Place Boaz Hartz 

Honorable Mentchkin Dani Warman
Honorable Mentchkin Benji Altman 
Lower School
1st Place Lincoln Altman

Honorable Mentchkin Stella Graines and Eden Aurbach
Honorable Mentchkin Omer Cohen & Jake Apple
Middle School
1st Place Ben Hesser

Honorable Mentchkin Liberty Custer 
Honorable Mentchkin Ethan Turkel
Honorable Mentchkin Sadie Graines
76 Menorahs submitted created by 91 students.
Judged by Mr. Weisserman, Mr. Covitz and Ms. Ryback using the following criteria: Functionality, Unique Design, Cohesiveness and Originality. No kits allowed; and had to be a Kosher Menorah.