End-of-Year Events

Friday, May 31 - Community Appreciation Breakfast - 8:00 a.m.  

Hosted by the PTC and Board of Trustees, join us in recognizing outgoing members of the PTC Executive Board for sharing their time and talents, as well as in welcoming new members. We will also recognize outgoing development leadership who have worked on behalf of the school's development efforts. Additionally, graduating 8th-grade parents will be thanked and recognized for their volunteerism throughout the years. Last but not least, we will thank EVERYONE in our community for their support; we wouldn't be Bernard Zell without you! 

Wednesday, June 3 - Faculty & Staff Milestones Celebration - 2:45 p.m.
Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate the heart of Bernard Zell! This special assembly will honor our faculty and staff who are recognizing milestones of five to forty years. All students will be present and all parents and community members are invited to join. After the ceremony, we will have a festive reception.