2021 Shinshinim

Omer Peled

Omer is a fun and outgoing person with an infectious smile. He majored in computer science and physics in high school, and is also passionate about the world of robotics. He has been active in the Israeli scouts his whole life and is currently a madrich for 5th-9th graders. Last summer he was chosen to be part of the "Tzofim Friendship Caravan" in the United States, and travelled across the Northeast for 3 months. During this time, he and his group performed and led educational activities with American youth. As a Scout leader in Israel he has years of experience planning and implementing large scale programming for his chanichim, and is looking forward to sharing his love of Israeli culture with the Chicago Jewish community!

Video: Meet Omer

Roni Hochner

Roni is a fun, outgoing and energetic presence. She lives in Nordiya, just outside of Netanya, and her parents work in education and security systems. Roni majored in Physics and Spanish in high school, and was a madricha in the Bnei Hamoshavim youth movement, guiding groups of 8th and 9th graders for two years. She is passionate about sharing the rich cultural diversity that Israel has to offer and loves tutoring students in Hebrew. She is also a dancer and has participated in competitive rhythmic gymnastics! 

Video: Meet Roni

Ido Alkahe

Ida is a kind, curious, and gentle soul. He lives in Misgav in the north of Israel, and majored in chemistry, health, and medical systems in high school. His mother is an educator with the local school district and his father is an aeronautical engineer. He is an alumnus of the "Diller Teen Fellows" program in partnership with the Pittsburgh Jewish community, and has been a first-aid volunteer with Magen David Adorn. Ida also has years of experience as a madrich in his local youth movement, and has enjoyed teaching and mentoring elementary and middle school chanichim. Ida also loves cooking and teaching others how to cook as well! 

Video: Meet Ido

Shira Pearl

Shira is a jack of all trades with an adventurous spirit. She grew up in a moshav called Avichail with her sisters Amit and Hila, her parents Yifat and Dror, and their dog Jacob. Shira's hobbies include basketball, hockey, hiking, and playing guitar. She also has years of hadracha experience with her local youth movement. In high school she competed in multiple Model UN conferences, and is passionate about environmental justice. She can't wait to meet all the students, and to share her love of everything Israel. 

Video: Meet Shira