What is Shabbat Ba’Yachad?
Shabbat Ba’Yachad is a program where all Bernard Zell families are invited to attend Shabbat dinners hosted by our Bernard Zell families that occur in different homes around Chicago on the same night. This experience is a chance for our community to celebrate Shabbat together in smaller groups and spend time with friends both new and old. Shabbat Ba’Yachad is open to everyone, ranging from those most familiar with the Shabbat experience to those least.

When will this take place?
Friday, November 15. Time is TBA based on host's invitation but expect a start time to be between 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Who can attend?
All Bernard Zell families, faculty and staff! 

Do I need to know anything and everything about Shabbat in order to participate?
Not at all! You will be invited to a Bernard Zell parent's home who is hosting an experience Shabbat dinner the way that they like to celebrate. Your host will give you all information necessary before arriving at their home.

Where will I be dining?
Part of the signup will require you to answer some questions about whether you drive on Shabbat/have access to a car/ need an early time because of young kids/food restrictions etc. All of these bits of information will be taken into consideration when placing you. You will learn where you will be dining by Monday, November 11. 

What if I want to host?
Excellent! The more hosts, the merrier. One of the options on the signup form asks about your willingness to host. As a host you need to be willing to have families in your home for a dairy dinner (fish or vegetarian), this way we can accommodate everyone's kosher needs. School will provide little Shabbat bags with challah, grape juice and candles. You will learn who you will be hosting by Monday, November 11.